On the Wheels Game

On the Wheels Flash Game - Play Free Fun Motorsports Games Online

This is an online game about racing on classic roads such a Monte Carlo. When the flash game begins you are supposed to choose the vehicle of your choice. It will not be very expensive, but you will have the chance to buy an upgrade when you make it to the top. When you drive, you must be aware of hazards such as rain, and also ice. These can badly cost you the race. This is a free online game of strategy, since you have to know when to fuel, and where to rest, etc. It is a long distance race, just as it is in real life. You must be mentally prepared for the days of driving. This is an exciting motorsports game, as you picture yourself frantic as you race along the scenic routes, and passing other cars on the road, even if they are nor racing cars; do you have what it takes to complete one of these races? Have Fun!

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How to Play the On the Wheels Game

You will be driving over long distances, so you must keep a steady hand on the controls. Use the Left and Right Arrows to steer the car, and also the Up and Down arrows to accelerate and decelerate. You can also use the WASD if you are left handed. P key to pause the game.