Formula One Game

Formula One Game

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This online game is all about passing all the other race cars without crashing. Use your arrow keys to control your speed and to steer away from the slower drivers. There is a counter in the upper right corner for you to monitor, it will tell you have many more racers you have left to pass. When you have passed all of them you will win, and if you crash to many times you will not be able to finish before the runs out. Enjoy a fast pace race with a speed up to 300 kilometers an hour. This is a simple and short html5 game which is fun to play when you just have only a few minutes available. Have fun!

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How to Play Formula One Game

Use Up/Down arrows to Accelerate/Brake. Use the Left/Right arrows to Steer left and Steer right.

Formula One is the Greatest Motorsport on the Planet

Formula One stands as the pinnacle of motorsport for a multitude of compelling reasons. Firstly, it boasts a combination of cutting-edge technology and engineering brilliance that pushes the boundaries of what is mechanically possible, resulting in cars that are marvels of speed and precision. Secondly, the global reach and fan base of Formula One are unparalleled, with races taking place on some of the most iconic and diverse tracks around the world, captivating enthusiasts across continents. Moreover, the sport's rich history, featuring iconic rivalries and legendary drivers, adds depth and drama to each season. The sheer speed and skill displayed by the drivers, who consistently push the limits of human capability, make Formula One a thrilling spectacle that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. Ultimately, it's this unique blend of technological innovation, worldwide appeal, and unmatched excitement that firmly establishes Formula One as the greatest motorsport on the planet.