Rash Race 2 Game

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Be prepared to beat your opponents in second edition of Rash Race. Race through the different courses, collect coins for bonus points and speed boosters for higher speed. Buy new upgrade bikes every time you won the race. Avoid slippery water. Make a new record and challenge your friends. In the Championship mode you race against your opponents to win each level. Every level in this free online game consists of 4 tracks. Choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard to play. You must win the trace in top 3 to unlock the next level. In Championship mode you will receive rewards and points according to your ending position. Once you have unlocked levels you can play the tracks in practice mode to compete for top race and lap times. Have Fun!

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How to Play the Rash Race 2 Game

Use your arrow keys to play this fun online game. Steer with left and right arrows, Up arrow is used for acceleration and down arrow is used for braking.

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