Drag Race Demon Deluxe Game

Drag Race Demon Deluxe Game

Drag Race Demon Deluxe Game - Play Free Drag Racing Game Online

Drag racing is a competition in which specially prepared automobiles or motorcycles compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line. The drag race follows a straight course from a standing start over a measured distance, most commonly a quarter mile or 1320 feet, with a shorter 1,000 ft for some Top Fuel dragsters and funny cars, while 660 ft is also popular in some drag racing circles. Electronic timing and speed sensing systems have been used to record race results since the 1960s. The faster vehicles need a parachute to slow down, an innovation credited (indirectly) to cartoonist Tom Medley. Put your pedal to the metal in this free online game with more classic drag racing action. Soup up your car and let your rivals eat your dust. Just play Drag Race Demon Deluxe and have fun!

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How to Play Drag Race Demon Deluxe Game

Drag the arrow to the right to accelerate... Try to start as quickly after the green light shows up as you can. You get a bonus if you do this quickly enough. If you accelerate too quickly your Dragster will rear up and flip over. This effect can be reduced by buying the Chassis upgrade. If you buy the Parachute upgrade you will be given the option to deploy once you cross the finish line. Do this before you come to a stop for a bonus. With your race winnings you can buy upgrades which improve your Dragster's performance.