Parking Jam Escape Game

Parking Jam Escape Game

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Become a parking master in this fun car game. Addictive puzzle about cars 3D Park each car correctly, all the cars must fall into place so that to free the collection truck. Make your way from a novice driving a cash-in-transit car. Upgrade your skills in the puzzle game with unlocking cars and escaping from the parking lot. Hundreds of levels will help you relieve stress and relax. Gather a collection of cars. Different classes of cars are available in the game: SUV, convertible, sports coupe, sports car, JDM car, limousine, executive sedan, classic car, pickup truck. It's hard to find a better solution. Draw a path for the car with your finger and avoid collisions. Realistic car explosion effects occur with each collision. You can easily move all the cars on the board, but don't forget that your goal is to escape from the parking lot to the exit. Finding the path will be quite difficult, especially on more difficult levels. All you need to do is clear the traffic and cross the parking line. Have fun!

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How to Play Parking Jam Escape Game

The rules of the puzzle are simple: to move the car to the left or right, you need to make a swipe on the typewriter, respectively, to the left or right. To move the car up or down, you need to swipe up or down on the car, respectively. Make sure your car can drive out of the parking lot to the right past the road markings.