Park the Taxi Game

Park the Taxi Game

Park the Taxi Game - Play Free Fun Taxi Cab Games

If you have ever wondered what it's like to be a taxi driver and park in different spots, now is your chance to try it out. Park the Taxi puts you firmly in the taxi driver's seat, and you must test out your driving and parking skills. There is a range of levels to play, and you must park in many different spots. Drive carefully but quickly, and make sure you don't hit anything. If you have a single bump, then you will have to restart the level.

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How to Play Park the Taxi Game

Use WASD or arrows to interact in this free online parking game.

Put your Parking Skills to the test in this Online Taxi Game

Do you consider yourself good at parking cars, and do you also like to play a free online game? Then you would love to play the free online Park the Taxi game. Driving a taxi cab is so much more than just a race. Not only do you have to hurry to get to the destination and avoid crashing. You will also have to aim and concentrate as you park your vehicle into tight spots.

Why are some many Taxi Cabs Yellow

According to Yellow Cab Co. tradition, the color (and name) yellow was selected by John Hertz the founder of Yellow Cab Co. as the result of a survey he commissioned at a local university, which indicated it was the easiest color to spot.

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