Car vs Missile Game

Car vs Missile Game

Car vs Missile Game Online - Play Free Fun Car Chase Games

Prepare for a wild ride like no other in the heart-pounding world of Car vs. Missile! This 3D thrillfest catapults you into a frenzied cityscape where dodging missiles becomes your electrifying mission. With every twist and turn, you'll dance with danger, narrowly escaping the fiery wrath of these relentless projectiles, all in a heroic effort to safeguard your precious ride. Feel the rush as you collect your hard-earned cash, which opens the gateway to an arsenal of jaw-dropping new cars and a smorgasbord of upgrades to supercharge your vehicle. So, put the pedal to the metal, channel your inner daredevil, and showcase your driving prowess like never before in this white-knuckle adventure. Have fun!

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How to Play Car vs Missile Game

WASD keys to drive.

Car vs Missile Game Walkthrough: