Future Space Hover Taxi Game

Future Space Hover Taxi Game

Future Space Hover Taxi Game Online - Play Free Fun Taxi Cab Games

Future Space Hover Taxi takes you to the future where taxis still exist and people need to ride them to take them into their destinations. But these future taxis are flying already! Your goal is to pick up your passengers and deliver them into their destination platforms. Avoid bumping too much or it will greatly damage the car. Listen to your passenger and also keep watch of your fuel. Earn a living as a future taxi driver by delivering the passengers on the magna-pads of their destinations. Have fun!

12,145 play times

How to Play Future Space Hover Taxi Game

Use your favorite keys to pilot your hover taxi. Land on magna pads to pick up passengers and take them to their destinations. Try not to crash into anything. Press T key for text bubbles (useful if your sound is turned off). When you are ready press space to play.