Truck Driver Simulator Game

Truck Driver Simulator Game

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Now, we have some emergency military transport missions for a professional truck driver. We recommend you are able to drive a truck and complete all ten levels stably and safely. In a limited time, you need to drive on mountain roads. Prove that you are a professional driver that can handle bigger vehicles, but more important, prove that you are the best truck driver out there. Keep calm, drive fast and have fun!

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How to Play Truck Driver Simulator Game

WASD or D-pad to drive, Space to brake. Choose between 5 trucks. Enjoy 10 levels.

Why Truck Driving is one of the most deadly jobs in America

According to truck driving is one the most deadly jobs in America. Truck drivers are expected to drive up to fourteen hours straight a day, receiving roughly ten hours off prior to the beginning of the next shift. Legislation regulating the amount of driving a trucker performs over the course of a day and week does exist, but these rules are commonly bent and broken. The chance of dying on the job is extremely high, with deaths of truckers in auto accidents accounting for 12% of all work related deaths in the United States. The hours spent sitting in a truck cab along with poor food choices lead to a disproportionately obese workforce. Truck Driving is a lifestyle that leads to poor health, and continual stress stemming from making stops and finding a place to sleep at night.