Disruptive Ride Game

Disruptive Ride Flash Game - Play Free Pickup Truck Games Online

It is a beautiful Sunday morning, and you and your girlfriend are enjoying a drive in your brand new black Chevy Colorado pickup truck. But, then an evil black cloud of destruction, also known as Earthquake appear. The cloud wants to ruin your day and is starting chasing you. Your object is to drive your shiny new pickup truck as fast as possible and get out of the city and highway. If the cloud catches up to you, then you Chevy truck will be destroyed and you will lose one life. Be careful, you only have few, and might need as many as possible on the higher levels as they are getting harder. You will also need to keep an eye on the timer, because if you run out of time you will also lose one life. Enjoy 10 challenging tracks. Have Fun!

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How to Play the Disruptive Ride Game

Use your arrow keys to drive, and spacebar to jump. Press P key to pause.