Wildride Game

Wildride Flash Game - Play Free Fun Stunt Games Online

This addicting bike flash game is all about performing trick and stunts on a motorcucle. You get to perform tricks and stunts by clicking your mouse buttons. 2 tricks during one jump is a Combo Bonus. How far can you jump? Have Fun!

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How to Play the Wildride Game

Use your mouse to play this fun bike game. Use the mouse to position the rider on the motorcycle. Drag the mouse to the right to lean forward and left to lean back. Left click and hold the mouse during the approach to accelerate. During the jump, drag the mouse right or left to maintain balance in order to land on both wheels. Slow to a stop after landing by clicking the right mouse button. Don't crash into the hay bales. Perform tricks by clicking mouse buttons. Perform two tricks during jump for a Combo bonus. Perform three tricks during jump for Super Combo bonus.

Note: This game uses Adobe Shockwave which no longer work in all web browser. You might want to try Internet Explorer.