Sprint Club Nitro Game

Sprint Club Nitro Game

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Sprint Club Nitro is a fun racing game. You take control of a Formula 1 car and compete in races against 19 other drivers. This game has brilliant graphics, some fantastic vehicles to choose from, and a range of different challenging tracks. At the start of each race you actually start in last position from the starting line, but if you take your chances and drive like a pro you can easily make your way to 1st position. This formula one racing game offer realistic game-play, and cool sound effects. Have fun!

10,581 play times

How to Play Sprint Club Nitro Game

Use your mouse or the left/right arrows to move.

Why Formula One is better than Nascar

It's a battle of space-age tech vs brute force. Both have millions of fans worldwide. But which is best? Well, let's throw out some facts we gathered on the Internet regarding Nascar. NASCAR sucks. They only turn left. The fans are fat. The drivers are fatter. The cars are made from pig iron and scrap. F1 cars are made in whitewashed labs by mad professors. And NASCARs are knocked up in medieval foundries by men with mallets. They grew up at the same time but in very different ways. One began with moonshiners running loops around dirt tracks; the other with wealthy playboys armed with sports cars and twisting street circuits. Formula 1 is more complicated which makes it more interesting, the tight turns, fast straights, intense overtakes and the cars, Formula 1 cars look unique, the flat aerodynamic design, there is even DRS and ERS (2014) for a little challenge. Formula 1 cars can actually turn both ways. Stock cars go in circles.