Road Racer Game

Road Racer Game

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Hop in, buckle up, and scream down busy streets. Do you like being a racer? Well this new html5 game will make you feel excited. Race the streets with other cars without hitting them and try to drive as fast as you can. Being a racer is not easy but you can manage it in this game. Beat the highest score for a challenging game. Drive fast but also carefully and enjoy. Put the pedal to the metal and play right now!

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How to Play Road Racer Game

Use the arrows or WASD to control your car.

Uses of the term Road Burner

A term can have many meanings. A road burner is also a massive dump streak left behind in a gas station bathroom after flushing. (Jesus dude, I just went to use the bathroom at Chevron and some guy had laid down a brutal road burner, I gagged and threw up in the sink.) Another use is as a name of a motorcycle exhaust system. In Transformers Road burner is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation 1 continuity family, itis the model of determination under pressure. Extremely tough and strong, his heat-resistant armor lets him wade into the most dangerous situations and emerge unscathed. Road Burners is also the name of motorcycle racing arcade game developed and released by Atari Games in 1999.

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