Police Road Patrol Game

Police Road Patrol Game

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Get ready for a pulse-pounding pursuit like no other in Police Road Patrol! Take the driver's seat of a blazing patrol car, and buckle up for a white-knuckle thrill ride that will leave your heart racing. Your mission: to hunt down and chase the speed demon ahead of you, with the clock ticking relentlessly. Time is of the essence, and catching that elusive racer car is your ticket to leveling up and unlocking the next chapter of this high-speed adventure. Have fun!

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How to Play Police Road Patrol Game

Use the arrows or WASD to move. Mouse can be used to view/rotate the camera. Spacebar is for braking, P key to pause/enter menu or L key to toggle the cursor lock.

Police Road Patrols our Guardians of our Streets

Police Road Patrol units play a pivotal role in maintaining law and order on our streets and highways. These dedicated officers are the front line of defense when it comes to enforcing traffic laws, responding to emergencies, and ensuring the safety of all road users. Whether it's monitoring traffic flow, apprehending reckless drivers, conducting sobriety checkpoints, or providing assistance at accident scenes, Police Road Patrol officers are always on the lookout for any situation that might jeopardize public safety. They work tirelessly to deter criminal activities on the road, such as drug trafficking and stolen vehicle recovery. Moreover, they often serve as the first responders to accidents, offering immediate aid and coordinating emergency services. In essence, Police Road Patrol units are the vigilant guardians of our roads, working tirelessly to uphold the rule of law and protect the well-being of communities they serve.