Offroad Vehicle Explorer Game

Offroad Vehicle Explorer Game

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Have you ever yearned for the thrill of commanding a rugged, souped-up buggy through untamed terrain? Well, buckle up, because an exhilarating opportunity awaits you! Get ready to unleash the beast within as you take the wheel of five formidable 4x4 vehicles, each itching to conquer the treacherous muck and challenging off-road trails. Feel the thunderous roar of those mighty engines reverberate through your veins and watch as colossal wheels dig into the earth, propelling you forward. As you navigate this wild terrain, dodge nature's obstacles and strive to surge past towering trees on your quest to conquer the ultimate finish line. Have fun!

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How to Play Offroad Vehicle Explorer Game

Tab to access menu. Space to Brake. WASD keys to Drive. G key to Reset car. Shift key to shift car. E key to turn on police lights. Page up/down to switch gear (manual gearing mode).

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