Monster Truck Destroyer Game

Monster Truck Destroyer Game

Monster Truck Destroyer Game Online - Play Free Fun Monster Truck Games

Take control of your monster truck's steering wheel and get ready to wreak havoc in the world of Monster Truck Destroyer. Destruction ought to be your middle name because these monster trucks bring a whole lot of competition. If the roaring sounds of these beasts are not intimidating enough, the trail of wreckage they leave behind will convince others to think twice before standing in your way! Climb into your monster truck and get comfortable in the driver's seat. Look how tiny all the other cars look from up here. Have fun!

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How to Play Monster Truck Destroyer Game

Use arrow keys to control your truck. Monster Truck Destroyer is an awesome driving game where you must crush cars, collect bombs and complete tracks. Your task is to ride your monster truck through each course. Destroy everything you see with this Monster Truck and go to the next level. This fun online game offers 12 crazy levels of monster truck crushing fun. Keep your truck balanced so you don't crash.