Goomba Racing Game

Goomba Racing Game

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Get ready for a wild ride in Goomba Racing, a game that puts you in the driver's seat of KFP (Karting For Professionals) on Roombas! Your mission? Blaze through the tracks, leaving your competition in the dust as you race to claim that coveted first-place finish. But hold on tight, because the tracks are a minefield of surprises and obstacles waiting to trip you up! As you tear through the course, keep your eyes peeled for the tricky arrows that guide your way and grab those power-ups that can turn the tide in your favor. Master the art of the perfect drift to unlock a turbocharged speed boost that'll leave your rivals eating your dust! But that's not all, folks! Dive into the Hololive universe as you unleash a barrage of wacky items like the explosive Botan bomb, the pesky Takodachi, and even the zany Haachama cooking antics. It's a Mario Kart-like adventure like no other, and the race of your life awaits!

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How to Play Goomba Racing Game

Use WASD to move/steer. Spacebar to drift, F key to use an item.