Hay Delivery 2 Game

Hay Delivery 2 Flash Game - Play Fun Farm Delivery Games Online

Part 2 of the fun online game Hay Delivery. There are lots of domesticated animals in the farm that you can see. Most of the time, there animals are fed with hay and that it is important for the farm to get regular source of hay. Sometimes, the farm can't produce enough hay to feed the animals and this is why; they opted to getting more hay from outside sources. This flash game is about delivering the hay safely to the farm. You need to deliver all the hay to the farm safely. There are times that the road ahead would be dangerous to travel, so you need to take some extra care to make sure that you are able to deliver the required hay to pass a level. Drive as fast, but as careful as you can as you don't want to lose any hay on the road. If there are exploding barrels around, it would be wise to avoid colliding with it. Have Fun!

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How to Play the Hay Delivery 2 Game

Use the arrow keys to play this fun online game.