Super Car Chase Game

Super Car Chase Game

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In a world of white-knuckle excitement and heart-pounding action, Super Car Chase delivers the ultimate thrill of racing against relentless enemy cars while reveling in the pure ecstasy of fun! Brace yourself for an unparalleled racing experience that spans the icy expanses of snowy terrains, the verdant beauty of grasslands, and the unforgiving desert landscapes. Accumulate a wealth of coins, unlocking an awe-inspiring array of cars that will take your breath away. In this high-octane showdown, prepare to go head-to-head against the cunning AI, but beware, for the enemy cars are hot on your tail, and they won't rest until they've caught you in their relentless pursuit. Have fun!

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How to Play Super Car Chase Game

PC: Use A-D or Right and Left arrow keys to move the player car Mobile: Press on right and left of the screen to move the player car.