Desert Robbery Car Chase Game

Desert Robbery Car Chase Game

Desert Robbery Car Chase Game - Play Free Fun Car Chase Games

In the relentless pursuit of fortune, your escape from the relentless, shadowy grasp of law enforcement must be executed without a hint of deceleration. Each successful evasion is a coin in your pocket, an ember in the fire of your ambition, and with every hard-earned dollar, a new realm of vehicular possibilities unfurls. The acquisition of these ill-gotten gains breathes life into a mechanical menagerie, unleashing a symphony of vehicular action that adds layers of intrigue and suspense to your harrowing journey towards wealth and liberation. For in this treacherous dance between law and outlaw, speed becomes your ally, and money, your ticket to survival in a world where every moment is a heartbeat away from calamity. Have Fun!

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How to Play Desert Robbery Car Chase Game

A and D or Left and Right arrow keys to control. To make money, you need to escape from the cops without slowing down. With the money you earn, you can buy new vehicles and add action to the action.