Cop Chase Game

Cop Chase Game

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In the eerie world of Cop Chase, you're thrust behind the wheel of a relentless speedster, desperately navigating the darkened streets as sinister police cruisers hunt you down. Amidst the shadows, you'll snatch up enigmatic power-ups, heart-pounding speed boosts, explosive bombs, and the elusive gleam of cold, hard coins. As you rise through the ranks, your vehicle metamorphoses into a devilish speed demon, all while you walk the tightrope of freedom, striving to evade the ever-watchful eye of the law. This chillingly exhilarating game unravels a mesmerizing tapestry of high-stakes police pursuit and heart-stopping hairpin turns that will leave you breathless, wondering if you can escape the clutches of justice in this pulse-pounding thrill ride. Have fun!

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How to Play Cop Chase Game

Use the left and right arrow keys to steer.

Cop Chase Game Walkthrough: