BMX Kid Game

BMX Kid Game

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BMX Kid isn't just a game; it's a thrilling journey suitable for riders of all ages, from adventurous youngsters to seasoned adults. Brace yourself for an electrifying cycling racing experience that's not just good but among the very best, featuring a mesmerizing blend of cool stunts, mind-blowing tricks, and graphics that'll leave you in awe. Challenge yourself on paths that seem impossibly treacherous, and let your inner stuntman rider come to life. Get ready to unleash an arsenal of mind-boggling stunts and tricks, from gravity-defying wheelies to gravity-flipping flips and heart-pounding grinds. BMX Kid will take you on a ride you won't soon forget!

10,950 play times

How to Play BMX Kid Game

To make the BMX Kid do tricks, press the right arrow key for kicks and the up arrow key to jump. You can ride the bike in two modes, arcade or survival, so give both a try! Collect trophies at checkpoints and don't miss the stars on the track. If you get 70% of the stars in a level, you'll earn an achievement star. Perform cool tricks and stunts, jump over gaps, sleeping dogs, and obstacles. Slide on railings and ramps, but be quick and skillful. Double-click up to jump extra high! You can also do wheelies, flips, and grinds. If the BMX Kid falls, restart at the last checkpoint and buy more lives if needed. Get new BMX bikes, power-ups, better stunt times, and new characters. Lots of exciting upgrades will keep you entertained in this new online game!