Bike Mania 4 Game

Bike Mania 4 Game

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The flash classic has been remade for modern browsers. Featuring the most frustrating and addicting gameplay, you will be compelled to have just one more try. n Bike Mania 4, you enter a crazy world where everything is really big and you are so very small. It's like that movie "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" but a million times better. In Bike Mania 4 you have to maneuver your teeny-tiny bike around an office in each level and, as always, you must complete each stage using up as few precious seconds as you can. Coffee cups have turned into obstacles and rulers have morphed into ramps. Pens and Pencils are normally used for writing but now they are just one more ramp/obstacle in your path to victory. We recommend you to be careful as some parts are hard. Have Fun!

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How to Play Bike Mania 4 Game

Use your arrow keys to drive. P key to pause the free online game.