Heatwave Racing Game

Heatwave Racing Flash Game - Play Free Car Race Games Online

Heatwave Racing is another free online racing game that is dedicated towards NASCAR enthusiasts. You get to race on a circuit like that seen in NASCAR races. Unlike other games where you drive the car from an external view, this game puts you right in the driver’s seat. You race around the circuit, overtaking all the other cars until you become the top driver. When the race begins, you will be at the last position, and you have to drive really fast so that you get ahead of the pack. One thing that you should note is that the car will disintegrate if you do have several collisions; even as you race to win, you should also be very careful that you do not hit other cars. his game gives you the ultimate driving experience since you actually feel like you are in the car. Have Fun!

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How to Play the Heatwave Racing Game Online

Use your arrow keys to drive in this free racing game. Spacebar to utilize your nitro. Enter key to change view. On the bottom left of the game, you will see an indicator in the form of an aerial view of a car; this is the one that will show you the status of your vehicle. If it gets to red, then the vehicle will disintegrate.

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