Moto Tomb Racer Game

Moto Tomb Racer Flash Game - Play Free Fun Bike Games Online

Remember the cool yet beautiful tomb raider Lara Croft? How cool she is to solve every mystery and overcome every obstacle on her way to the center of the tomb. In this free bike game you get to play as a Lara Croft wannabe in this wild bike game that let's you reveal the secrets of ancient pyramids. You need to avoid traps and collect treasure as you ride through dangerous tombs. You even get to perform tricks with your bike. Be careful as there are many traps along the way. Have Fun!

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How to Play the Moto Tomb Racer Game

Use up and down arrow keys for movement, and balance with left and right arrow keys. You can also use WASD instead of the arrows. Use spacebar for turbo speed, and CTRL key to change the direction of your bike (note: it is impossible to change direction of the motorcycle at high speed or while you are in the air). Use P key to pause the game.