Bike Mania 5 Game

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Bike Mania series is back again and the theme this time around is anything military related. This is free online game is all about military vehicles and obstacles. That means tanks, choppers, guns, etc. standing in your path when you drive across the landscape. The Bike Mania 5 game is the same old great flash game but this version may be the hardest yet. The great thing about Bike Mania 5 is that you can be in seemingly impossible positions with your good old dirtbike and yet, somehow, find ways out of them. Like, seriously, you could be practically upside down alongside a tank but if you press the gas just right, you'll be able to slowly wiggle out of it. The key to this flash game is ultimately patience as you will likely have to start over many, many times. Have Fun!

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How to Play the Bike Mania 5 Game

Use your arrow keys to drive. P key to pause the game.