Bike Mania 2 Game

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The sequel to the Bike Mania series is now out, it is very much the same as the original but it has different courses and is also a little bit more challenging to play. This is great if you liked the first Bike Mania because it will give you exactly the challenge you are looking for, and will be more fun. The object of the online game is to complete all the motorcycle courses as quickly as you can. Since everytime you crash you'll have to start that level over again, it sometimes pays to be a bit more patient at times instead of going for that extra few seconds off your total time. As always said, only the best gamers will make the grade. Have Fun!

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How to Play the Bike Mania 2 Game

The controls are the same as in the original Bike Mania game with the up and down arrows moving your motorcycle along the course while the left and right arrows make you lean in either direction to avoid tipping over and smashing your face on the hard and unforgiving pavement.